This bill aims to reduce and eliminate pay disparity between people who have comparable skills and do comparable work. This would apply to people of different races, religions, colors, sexes - including gender identity and sexual orientation - ages, national origin, or disability status.  It would also make it illegal for potential employers to ask about wage history for potential employees. 

When employers ask about a person's wage history, they tend to set their pay closer to the reported wage than what they would otherwise pay.  Over time, this contributes to the wage gap that we currently see.  When employers don't ask about wage history, the pay tends to be proportionate to the job to be performed and the potential employees skills.


Brawley, Rose, Henderson-Myers, Garvin, King, McDaniel, Henegan, Clary, Rivers, Gilliard, Jefferson, Norrell, Rutherford, Pendarvis, Cogswell, Bernstein, Howard and Simmons


Pre-session filed


123rd Legislative Session

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