In the recent years, there have been several instances of people suffering after death penalty drugs have been administered, a serious concern that the drugs and manner with which they are used is cruel and unusual punishment.  Across the nation, it is becoming increasingly difficult for states to procure the drugs used in death penalty sentences because the makers have a moral objection to the death penalty, and do not want their product used in that way.  As a result, the drugs that are available are expiring, as is the case in South Carolina.  

It appears this bill circumvents the issue of the Supreme Court declaring death by lethal injection cruel and unusual, and reinstates electrocution as the default and favored manner of death, and indeed should the Supreme Court declare lethal injection unconstitution, providest that electrocution is the only manner of death available.


Tallon, Bryant, Thayer, Magnuson, V.S.Moss and Wooten


Pre-session filed


123rd Legislative Session

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