Hand-marked, paper ballots are the safest, most secure way to cast a vote.  The benefits lies in their lack of technology:  they cannot be hacked, and they can be recounted.  This bill requires all voting machines in South Carolina to be a hand-marked, paper ballot, read by an optical scanner - like the scan-tron tests we have all used in schools.  This is also the cheapest way to run elections: again, the lack of technology required means there are fewer parts to break, fewer glitches to address, and much less frequent software updates.  

Paper ballots have the added benefit of decreasing wait-time at the polls:  currently, the maximum number of people who can vote at one time is limited to the number of machines available.  If a paper system is adopted, poll workers can simply print up additional ballots, set up a table and put up cardboard privacy screens.  Capacity is limited, then, to building capacity.



Finlay, Bernstein, Norrell, Clary, Rutherford and Funderburk


Pre-session filed


123rd Legislative Session

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