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  1. Filming Cops, Independent Shooting Investigations Affirmed by Senate Panel

    April 8, 2015News updateDiscrimination, Police Practices
  2. North Charleston Officer Faces Murder Charge After Video Shows Him Shooting Man In Back

    April 7, 2015News updatePolice Practices, Discrimination
  3. How A Cellphone Video Led To Murder Charges Against A Cop In North Charleston, S.C.

    April 8, 2015News updateDiscrimination, Free Speech, Police Practices
  4. Walter Scott Protest Planned For 9:30 A.M. At North Charleston City Hall

    April 8, 2015News updateDiscrimination, Police Practices
  5. What Is Being Said About The Shooting Of Walter Scott

    April 8, 2015News updateDiscrimination, Police Practices
  6. Count police cameras' costs

    December 8, 2014News updateDiscrimination, Police Practices
  7. Charleston-area authorities welcome body cameras for police officers, but worry about costs

    December 2, 2014News updateDiscrimination, Police Practices
  8. Let's not violate constitutional rights over homelessness

    October 13, 2014News updateDiscrimination, Free Speech
  9. Panhandling law change in Charleston spurs growth in begging

    October 12, 2014News updateFree Speech, Discrimination
  10. Keep kids in school and out of jail

    October 13, 2014News updateDiscrimination