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  1. Civil rights leaders continue push for federal investigation of North Charleston police

    June 22, 2016News updatePolice Practices, Discrimination, Criminal Justice & Incarceration
  2. Criminal offense or adolescent misbehavior? 'Disturbing schools' blurs the line

    August 6, 2016News updateStudents & Youth, Criminal Justice & Incarceration, Discrimination
  3. South Carolina Sued Over Classroom Order Statute

    August 19, 2016News updateCriminal Justice & Incarceration, Students & Youth, Discrimination
  4. How America Outlawed Adolescence

    October 12, 2016News updateStudents & Youth, Criminal Justice & Incarceration, Discrimination
  5. Ex-South Carolina police officer who killed Walter Scott sentenced to 20 years in prison

    December 7, 2017News updatePolice Practices, Criminal Justice & Incarceration, Discrimination
  6. Former Officer's Guilty Verdict for Killing Walter Scott Is the Exception, Not the Rule

    December 7, 2017News updateCriminal Justice & Incarceration, Discrimination, Police Practices
  7. South Carolina's Prison Profile

    February 28, 2019News updateCriminal Justice & Incarceration, Discrimination
  8. South Carolina’s Coronavirus Response Plan Must Protect the Health, Safety, and Civil Liberties of All

    March 6, 2020News updateImmigrants' Rights, Criminal Justice & Incarceration, Discrimination