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  1. Make it easier to vote, not tougher

    November 7, 2014News updateVoting Rights
  2. ACLU sues Jasper County schools, alleges improper school board districts

    June 26, 2014News updateVoting Rights
  3. Tuesday’s election first for Rock Hill under voter photo ID law

    October 10, 2013News updateVoting Rights
  4. Early voting helps those who vote early and those who don't

    January 16, 2013News updateVoting Rights
  5. Protect the right to vote

    August 1, 2013News updateVoting Rights
  6. Voting Rights Act still necessary

    February 24, 2013News updateVoting Rights
  7. Groups Rally to Keep Voting Rights Act Intact

    February 26, 2013News updateVoting Rights
  8. Voter ID law not end of fight for reform

    October 21, 2012News updateVoting Rights
  9. New voter ID law should be rejected, ACLU director says

    September 21, 2012News updateVoting Rights
  10. Furman students will get to vote after judge issues injunction

    October 7, 2016News updateStudents & Youth, Voting Rights