The ACLU of South Carolina works to reduce youth incarceration and redirect resources to community-based alternatives to incarceration. 

In the Courts

Our landmark 2016 case Kenny v. Wilson successfully challenged South Carolina's overly vague "Disturbing Schools" law, which was being used to disprorportionately punish and incarcerate Black youth. Now, in the ongoing case SC NAACP v. SC Department of Juvenile Justice, we are fighting to end the inhumane treatment of children in the custody of DJJ.

In the Legislature

We support changes in state law that would end harsh punishments for status offenses such as truancy, alcohol possession, and running away from home. We are also calling for a radical overhaul of the Department of Juvenile Justice to ensure that state facilities can be sites of actual rehabilitation, and not places of torture and isolation.

In the community

We join local efforts to promote real safety for South Carolina children and end the school-to-prison pipeline.