ACLU of SC works in the courts, legislature, and the community to uphold the rights of South Carolina voters. We believe that each vote should count equally, voters shouldn’t face undue and unlawful impediments to voting, and communities should have the tools they need to organize, mobilize, and inform local voters.

Voting Rights in the Courts

The 2021 redistricting process in South Carolina resulted in a congressional map that was blatantly gerrymandered. We joined with our partners to file suit on behalf of the SC Chapter of the NAACP and Taiwan Scott, an individual voter.

In January 2023, the District Court ruled in SC NAACP v Alexander that Congressional District 1 was a racial gerrymander which was a victory for Black voters in particular as the redistricting diluted their political power.

The ruling has been appealed by the state and this case will be heard by the Supreme Court.

In the Legislature

We work to support the advancement of legislation that restores the voting rights of previously disenfranchised people, increases access to the polls for voters, and ensures elections are free and fair.

In the Community

We work to provide resources for both individual voters and community groups in order to maximize voter preparedness and participation in elections.

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