All people, regardless of their circumstances or background, should have safe and stable housing — it’s a fundamental human right.

In the Courts

When the South Carolina NAACP wanted to provide free eviction-prevention services, they ran into an obstacle: The South Carolina court system’s Public Index was preventing them from automatically gathering data on evictions from around the state. We sued on their behalf and won an important victory for legal access, which you can read more on the Case page for NAACP v. Kohn.

In the Legislature 

In South Carolina, people facing eviction are left to fend for themselves in court, without legal representation. This systematically sets up tenants to fail, forcing them to leave their homes and leaving them to deal with the devastating, long-lasting impacts of eviction.

We have the opportunity to change that. To read more about Eviction Right to Counsel, the benefits it would provide to the state, and how you can help enshrine that right in state law, visit our Eviction Right to Counsel campaign page.

Join the fight for Eviction Right to Counsel

In the Community

We are proud to work with organizations including the S.C. Housing Justice Network to expand the rights of tenants and build a better state for all of us. In 2023, we were proud to co-host a symposium for practitioners looking to reduce evictions in their communities through housing courts, Know Your Rights efforts, and legal aid.