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Have your rights been violated? Sharing your experience can help shape and guide the work of the ACLU of South Carolina. 

The ACLU of South Carolina exists to protect and expand civil rights and civil liberties in this state. To achieve our mission, our legal department files strategic lawsuits that we believe will best protect or advance our priorities. 

We do not accept or respond to requests for legal assistance. 

We do welcome stories from South Carolinians who believe their rights have been violated. By sharing your story, you can help us evaluate the status of civil rights and liberties in South Carolina and help us determine where our limited resources are best invested. Although we do not respond to submissions, we carefully review the information you provide. 

The ACLU is not a public defender’s office or a legal aid provider. If you need legal assistance, we have compiled a list of resources here. 

Sharing your story does not create an attorney-client relationship, and your information could be shared with the ACLU of South Carolina staff. If we have additional questions, we will contact you directly.

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Although electronic submission is preferred, stories may also be submitted via mail to:

ACLU of South Carolina
PO Box 1668
Columbia, SC 29202

ACLU of South Carolina does not accept story submissions via email or telephone.