House Bill 4624 would ban gender-affirming healthcare for transgender South Carolinians under age 18 and threaten healthcare providers with the loss of their medical license.

This bill was introduced along with a raft of other bills focused on stripping essential medical care away from young people and interfering with the medical decisions made between patients, their family members, and their medical providers.

We oppose this bill because:

  • Transgender youth belong in South Carolina. Their rights and the rights of their families are not a political plaything.
  • Gender-affirming care, including the use of puberty blockers and hormone therapy, is a best practice backed by scientific evidence and endorsed by leading medical organizations
  • Gender-affirming care is life-saving care; it is the only effective treatment for trans youth to prevent self-harm and suicidal ideation

Contrary to the lies being spread by proponents of anti-trans bills, South Carolina patients currently cannot receive gender-affirming care without a lengthy process involving numerous medical professionals and the consent of parents or legal guardians. Gender confirmation surgery is not available to minors in South Carolina, regardless of parental consent.

The latest:

The bill has been signed into law by Gov. Henry McMaster.

Take action:

We are urging Governor Henry McMaster to veto this cruel and unconstitutional bill. Please join us in writing to the governor today.

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Hiott, G.M. Smith, McCravy, Davis, Vaughan, Trantham, Pope, Chapman, Taylor, Oremus, Hartnett, Leber, Long, Nutt, Haddon, Burns, Chumley, Murphy, Mitchell, Brewer, Robbins, Gatch, West, Gilliam, Cromer, Kilmartin, O'Neal, Yow, S. Jones, Landing, et al.


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125th General Assembly (2023-2024)

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