The ACLU of SC works throughout the South Carolina legislative season to support bills that expand or protect our civil liberties and to fight against those that infringe on our freedoms.

Our national lobbyists are a constant presence at the Capitol working on civil liberties issues.

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Party Registration

This bill would require voters in South Carolina to register themselves with a political party before they are allowed to vote in primary elections, and directs the state Election Commission to capture this information.  This is concerning from a privacy standpoint - there is no reason that the E

February 1, 2019 Privacy and Technology Voting Rights

Increase Time at Ballot Box

Currently, the maximum amout of time a voter may remain in the voting booth is three minutes.  That could potentially cause problems for people who read slower, the elderly or people with disabilities.  Increasing the time to five minutes would help to mitigate any issues.

February 1, 2019 Voting Rights

Conditional Release of Inmates

Inmates who are serving a sentence related to drug charges could be released from incarceration and instead enroll in a chemical dependency program, thereby reducing the population of incarcerated people and reducing costs to taxpapers, while simultaneously ensuring a more successful result for t

February 1, 2019 Criminal Justice & Incarceration

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