As we celebrate Pride Month, South Carolina state lawmakers are continuing their attacks on the rights of LGBTQ+ South Carolinians by attempting to hide dangerous and discriminatory proposals in the state budget, which is currently being determined by state lawmakers.

These discriminatory proposals failed to pass during the regular legislative session, but lawmakers determined to carry out a campaign of hate against LGBTQ+ South Carolinians have resurrected the failed bills as "provisos," which are amendments that would become law when the governor signs the final budget.

  • Amendment 24 would censor curriculum in the classroom, prohibiting the mention of sexual and gender identity, including any mention of various examples of healthy families. This is similar to Florida's so-called "Don't Say Gay" law.
  • Amendment 32 is a proposal that would censor the books in public libraries available to children, including LGBTQ+-related material.
  • Amendment 95 denies children who are transgender from accessing gender-affirming care by blocking funds for the Pediatric Transgender Clinic at the Medical University of South Carolina.

And, the Medical Discrimination Act is an extremely dangerous proposal that would allow all medical practitioners and health care institutions to refuse to provide care or perform a procedure that they allege violates their moral, ethical, or religious beliefs. This would legalize discrimination against South Carolinians seeking medical care.

This is not the time to stop paying attention or wait for the next legislative session: Message the South Carolina Budget Conference Committee NOW and urge them to remove these provisos and pass a clean budget that doesn't target LGBTQ+ South Carolinians.


Thank you,

ACLU of South Carolina