In a teacher shortage, we can't afford to disrespect educators with bills like H. 3728

South Carolina House Bill 3728 is a teacher gag order. This bill would forbid teachers to discuss racial and gender inequality, subject them to undue surveillance, burden them with unnecessary complaint processes, and threaten schools with loss of state funding.

Soon*, a conference committee of six state lawmakers will attempt to pass a compromise version of the bill. This could be our last chance to stop it. Will you help send a message?


Additionally, we encourage you to call these six state legislators' offices. Please explain politely but firmly that we can't afford to disrespect public educators in the middle of a crisis-level teacher shortage.

  • Representative Shannon Erickson: 803-734-3053
  • Representative Adam Morgan: 803-212-6795
  • Representative Terry Alexander: 803-734-3004
  • Senator Shane Massey: 803-212-6330
  • Senator Greg Hembree: 803-212-6350
  • Senator Darrell Jackson: 803-212-6048

* The conference committee scheduled for April 18 has been canceled. We will let you know as soon as it is rescheduled. In the meantime, keep those messages and calls coming. We want every lawmaker in the room to know that South Carolina parents, students, educators, and defenders of public education are watching.