State House Dispatch: This Week Under the Copper Dome

Tomorrow the Senate will take up S. 474, the abortion bill the House passed last week. Just like last month, if a handful of Senators will break from their party and vote with the vast majority of South Carolinians who want abortion to remain safe and legal, this bill can be stopped. Here's what we need to do:

If you can come to the State House: please come! The Senate will convene at 12:00, so we need to fill the gallery by about 11:30. 

If you can't come to the State House: watch the proceedings, and tweet at Senators during the hearing. Believe it or not, they do take notice. We have to stand with the Senators who are fighting for reproductive freedom, and remind them that the people of South Carolina are watching them consider this extremely unpopular measure. 

Watch the Senate hearings here
Download a PDF of Senators' Twitter handles here

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