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Jace Woodrum
Executive Director
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August 23, 2023

The South Carolina Supreme Court issued a decision today in Planned Parenthood South Atlantic v. South Carolina upholding the state’s 6-week abortion ban. ACLU of South Carolina Executive Director Jace Woodrum released the following statement:

“Today the only all-male state supreme court in the United States reversed its own precedent to uphold an unpopular and extreme infringement on personal bodily freedom.

Seeking an abortion is a deeply personal decision that should be guided by the health and personal circumstances of individual South Carolinians — not restricted based on where they live, who they are, or how much money they have. Make no mistake: this law will harm the health and well-being of South Carolinians. 

Instead of allowing us to make our own decisions and define our own paths in life, extremist legislators and hand-picked judges have forced their way into doctors’ offices, dining rooms, and religious sanctuaries in an effort to control our choices and force their priorities on us.

South Carolinians won't step aside and allow our civil liberties to be trampled upon. What is done by statute can be undone, and the ACLU of South Carolina will continue working to protect the reproductive freedom of all South Carolinians.”