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Paul Bowers, Communications Director:

June 25, 2024

On June 25, 2024, the book banning regulation R. 43-170 passed without receiving a vote from the South Carolina General Assembly. The regulation opens the floodgates for pro-censorship groups to challenge and ban all books in K-12 classrooms and libraries that contain a description of “sexual conduct.”

This is an over-broad censorship regulation that will lead to a surge of book-banning attempts by groups that oppose academic freedom, including local affiliates of Moms for Liberty and the State Freedom Caucus Network. Hundreds of South Carolinians have voiced their opposition to this policy in writing and in public forums, including at a February State Board of Education meeting.

Jace Woodrum, Executive Director of the ACLU of South Carolina, released the following statement:

South Carolinians are less free today than they were yesterday. By crafting and promoting a broad new book-banning policy, Superintendent Ellen Weaver has handed a blunt instrument to her ideological allies in the pro-censorship lobby. We still believe in academic freedom and will fight tooth and nail alongside teachers, librarians, students, and parents against the ongoing campaign of harassment and intimidation in public schools and libraries.