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August 25, 2017

CHARLESTON, SC – According to a late-night leak in Axios ( it’s rumored Trump may soon announce his cruel and heartless plan to remove protections from Dreamers. If he moves forward with this, in case anyone had any remaining doubts, it would be clear Trump is continuing to side with the white supremacists inside and outside his administration.

In South Carolina, DACA has allowed more than 6,400 young people to come forward, pass background checks and live and work legally in the country.  The recipients have had their protection renewed by the U. S. Department of Homeland Security nearly 5,400 times.  Nationwide, there are 800,000 brave young adults who are working or going to school, living their lives, contributing to America.  This is their home.  Taking away legal status so that Trump can deport them is immoral and wrong.

It’s time for Republicans to decide on which side of history they want to be on: are they going to protect 800,000 young adults who are the living embodiment of the American dream, or, side with Trump and the white supremacists?  

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