For Immediate Release
June 20, 2018

Contact: Shaundra Scott, Executive Director,, 843-720-1423, ext. 202

The ACLU of South Carolina is calling on Governor McMaster to withdraw South Carolina National Guardsmen support of operations along the U.S.-Mexico border.  Several other governors, including Republican governors in Maryland and Massachusetts, have withdrawn their troops in protest against the policy of the President’s Administration, which separates children from their parents at the border.


Last month, Governor McMaster stated that the “South Carolina National Guard are ready and able to support President Trump’s mission to secure our country’s border,” and shortly thereafter on May 21, troops were deployed to Texas. 


The following statement may be attributed to ACLU of South Carolina Executive Director Shaundra Young Scott.


“The Trump administration is the first to enforce a “zero tolerance” policy that has separated families at the border, with a goal of prosecuting 100% of adults crossing the border.  Separating children from their families is not law, nor is it a policy that has ever been enforced, under any president, Republican or Democrat.  Families at the U.S. border are experiencing severe trauma because of the President’s position on immigration. Children, crying for their moms and dads, are being torn from their parents’ arms.  Over 2,300 immigrant children have been separated from their parents in just the last six weeks, with teenagers, toddlers and babies being placed in one of 3 “tender age” shelters for children 12 and under. The mayor of Houston has announced plans to open another tender age facility to detain even more children. Even more appalling, the complex system for reunification is so logistically flawed, former head of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, John Sandweg, has said some of these families will never be reunited.  This is not about border security.  These are not actions that are reflective of what South Carolina nor the United States of America represent. 


“We urge Governor McMaster to rethink his willingness to follow this unacceptable practice.


“Our request is clear.  Governor McMaster, don’t force our troops to participate in acts that will haunt them later.  Call our troops home until this policy is withdrawn.”


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